Hello from Norway.


Carthago Club Norway has now been established.

The club has received its approval from the Carthago factory.
Our website www.carthagoclub.no is still under construction, but when my daily job is to work with web design, I hope it will not take too long.
Please use our translation option in the upper right corner of our website, which gives a not so good Google translation, but you will understand what it says.

We would appreciate if you could post a link to us on your website, and we will then give you your username and password to our member’s area (free) so you can see what we are doing in Norway.
It would be nice if we had the same opportunities in your member’s area.

Please send us the email address we can use to their club.

It would also be nice if we saw an opportunity to arrange a Carthago-gathering next year together.

PS. This mail have also been sent to the Swedish Carthago Club, via the contact form on their website.

Looking forward to your reply, either in Swedish or English.

Best regards

Arne Eier
Carthago Club Norway
Telephone +47 900 26 700
Web: www.carthagoclub.no
E-post: arne@carthagoclub.no