Carthago Club of Finland membership consists of the same spiritual quality conscious caravan enthusiasts who have opted for a Carthago motorhome.

The club membership is an active and enthusiastic group of motorhome-owners who in conjunction with motorhome travelling wish to enjoy the many other activities, such as the natural hiking, cycling, photography, history, culture, and several other developing and interesting activities. Experience of the motorhome travelling within the members vary from beginners to much more experienced, already tens of thousands miles behind in this hobby..

Business idea

In January 2006, established Carthago Club of Finland (CCF) is a Carthago motorhome owners brand-club, and a link between owners in Finland.

The clubs aim is to combine Carthago-owners in Finland and together with the members promote co-operation of motorhoming in Finland in general. To achieve the objective Club organizes a range of events and meetings with the aim of:

• sharing member experience and information concerning different technical and service-related issues.

• divide member´s route- and caravanning experience, as well as planning of the common travelling in homeland and foreign countries.

• become acquainted with development in the field of caravanning  by exploring business and trade fair visits.

• create an opportunity for members for an common physical and outdoor activity..

• enjoy together a happy and cheerfully mental Carthago-leisure time.

Club membership can be approved by a person who is Carthago motorhome owner or holder and who wants to act in accordance with the objectives of the Club.